Concept-Cloud Navigation in Educational Web-Based System

Efficiency of navigation has a great importance in large information spaces. It allows users to extinct the potential lack of clarity when browsing information while increasing the feeling of comfort. It applies primarily to Internet sites providing a wide range of information including adaptive Web systems.

Our motivation is to improve the efficiency of navigation. The aim is to get the users to the information they currently need using an interactive personalized tool. For this purpose, we propose an adaptive application that recommends the content elements by viewing key concepts. About the course of recommendation and selection of appropriate keywords takes care severe of adaptive methods based on history activities that can detect the user's needs. The keywords represent one or more content elements associated with it. The main benefit of such navigation is to leave the choice to a user, it does not recommend concrete articles, but "topics" that the user should to deal with.

The application is integrated, tested and used in the Web-oriented educational system ALEF, which is developed by the Institute of Informatics and Software Engineering, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU in Bratislava.

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Publication on student conference IIT.SRC 2011