"This project is a REVOLUTION in photo archiving."

For most people a photo gallery is a way how to present experiences from their holidays, trips and events. Taking photos is a process of saving emotions via a camera and therefore the visualization of photo albums should communicate these emotions to make events unforgettable. Moreover, people spent their special events not alone, because as social human beings they share their events. This is the reason why the process of creating photo albums should be a collaborative process. Last but not least, photo albums aggregate various experiences during holidays and a user's story is created by the chronological ordering of experiences.

Our work is aimed at the augmenting user experience while browsing photos and also other multimedia supporting the storytelling. This can be accomplished by various ways but to make the solution attractive for users the process of creating photo albums has to be as automated as possible. On the other hand, to take advantage of the collaboration we can ask the user to make more unordinary tasks to like write short descriptions of events etc. This is possible because when users create photo albums from mutual events there are overlap activities accomplished by both the users and the saved time can be used in a better way. Moreover, collaboration mostly means the motivation to create more attractive results, it is funnier, users write more comments and also more users remember more memories that have be archived.