• Advanced video player with adaptive playback
  • Collecting videos in playlists
  • Creating notes and question pimped to concrete time of video playing
  • Showing notes and question while playing video


  • The number of hours of video rapidly increases in every minute
  • Searching in large amount of videos is very difficult and lengthy
  • Existing semantic web library, Factic need module that brings ability to play videos in excellent quality


Multimedia content is really very important for humans. Thanks to it we can have a lot of fun and relax, but it may also serve to improve education and skills. Just a few years ago it was extremely difficult to transmit large amounts of data, required by multimedia content, through the Internet network. The arrival of new revolutionary technologies with higher speed of data transmission has changed this situation significantly in recent years. Therefore multimedia content is ever more visible on the Web. But the main advantage is that the quality of the transmitted content, thanks to the constant acceleration of transmission speed, may still increase. Thanks to the features of today’s Internet, multimedia content is more accessible then it was in the past and this is the main reason why I have focused my work on this area.
The main topic of my bachelor thesis is focused on displaying and viewing multimedia content and on the improvement of existing photo browsers and viewers. The browsers nowadays include just the possibility of browsing and searching images based on specified criteria. First theme of my project concerns integration of a video player into an existing multimedia exploration solution since videos will become an integral part of it. Besides that, these videos will also include metadata which will be useful for easy searching and navigation in video content. Videos displayed by the system will be transmitted through the Internet in the highest possible quality.