Tracing Strength of Relationships in Social Networks

Author: Ivan Srba

Supervisor: MŠria BielikovŠ

About project

  • rapid expansion of social networks
  • people can arrange and express many types of relationships
  • the strength of these relationships among users can be really different and can rapidly change in the time

  • we want to know about strong or weak relationship intensity between two users
  • we can provide actions which depend on actual context of deployment
  • also the user can control evolution of his or her relationships to friends


We present a method for analysis of the evolution of userís relationships and its evaluation by means of developed web-based application, which approximates the userís relationships with other users in time. This approximation is based on varied userís activities performed in social networks. Example of this activity is sending a message or uploading common photography. Such activity we denote as a rate factor.

We can use many sources of userís activities to evaluate proposed method. We chose for the experiment well known and popular social portal Facebook. We developed software tool named IRe to realize the proposed method. In the experiment we achieved many results, one of them is that the method calculated relationship intensity for first ten best friends with 88% precision.