We suggest a new way of visually appealing, playful information presentation called WOWI with collaborative features which you will enjoy with your friends. WOWI changes the current paradigm of users crawling through the Web via hyperlinks to a novel 3D experience. We explore the possibilities of intelligent navigation and engaging game-like interaction to free a user from the need of figuring what is important and what is the point while being entangled in obscure chunks of old-school web that is sometimes a pain even to look at. Our platform capable of building these presentations offers a relatively complex system through which the user can play with and explore information entities in a virtual graph structure and obtain useful knowledge while he is doing so. People are going to love being educated our way and the web-masters will be relieved when they find out how easy the presentation creation and content maintenance is.

Email: icup_fiit2009 [at] googlegroups.com