How do people use the Internet today? One half of the Most popular 10 websites of the worldwide Internet according to alexa.com are search engines and informative portals making it clear that the main reason to go on-line today is to acquire information. The rest of the top 10 being social websites with user-contributed content such as Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia and Blogger from which we can derive that apart from the information people want to enrich their experience with entertainment, communication and collaboration.
On top of that, as the hardware is getting extremely powerful even in mid-class notebooks, people tend to expect more visually appealing experience after years of looking at HTML. That is why projects like cooliris.com and animoto.com are gaining in popularity.
On the other hand, it is much more difficult for web developers and designers to create graphically engaging websites not even speaking about visual or factual content maintenance. And this shows on the bill the companies have to pay if they want their web presentation to keep up with time. We saw many companies fail because their Internet presentation haven't stand out in the crowd.
With WOWI, we aim to deliver the complete package for sustainable business.

  • Cheap & Easy presentation creation - plug in your photos, videos and text and you are done. Anybody can do that and avoid funding the army of web developers and designers to create and update your website.
  • Open architecture and design - when you have special needs your graphic designer can customize the whole user interface with no knowledge of the underlying code and developer can add functionality without being forced to struggle with the visuals.
  • Scalability - show off the cottage you rent with your old photos in entirely new light, catalog your e-shop portfolio or convey the problems of children in Africa with an interesting and heart-catching simulation of a Non-government organization.
  • Advertising network - users are happy when they see an advert displayed in the presentation because it helps them with the game elements. This kind of advertisement is very effective and will create a good feeling about your brand. Is your WOWI presentation popular? Rent the advertisement space and earn money, without disrupting the experience of your users.

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