In order to run this application, you need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Windows Installer 3.1 and a certificate. You can install them by clicking here. In order to learn how to use wowi read instructions.


What is it like to be a NGO fighting for the well-being of children in the 3rd world countries? See for yourself in this presentation of the UNICEF use the tools to provide humanitarian help where you think it is needed the most, regenerate your resources by answering questions and beat the score of other users by helping the biggest number of children for 20 virtual days.

stu fiit

Ever wondered what are one of the brightest minds of the informatics field working on in Slovakia? Uncover the mysteries of research in the field of IT and at the same time show that you even know what it is all about by matching the research papers to the conference categories using the tools.


Wave goodbye to your old powerpoint slide-shows. XAML design and 3D navigation lets you get rid of the slides concept once and for all. With WOWI you do not worry about slides and their transitions, you just define cinematic animations, plugin in your graphics, charts, videos or other media, show the result to your boss or friends and watch them go 'WOW!'.

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